Elementary Writing Activities for Special Education

Children with learning disabilities can become frustrated with writing assignments because they struggle with the mechanical or organizational components of writing.

There are writing activities teachers can implement in the classroom to help special education students become more confident in their writing ability. To be effective, writing activities should be used in all areas of learning that require writing.

Hand Exercises

Pre-writing hand exercises help students flex their writing muscles and improve dexterity. Before all writing assignments, teachers should instruct students to flex their fingers, press palms on desks, and squeeze fists or stress balls.

For more in-depth activities, teachers should use plastic tweezers for special education students to grasp and release small objects and play finger games to improve fine motor skills.


Students who struggle with the mechanical aspect of writing will benefit from assisted technology in the classroom. Mechanical activities include writing alphabet letters, numbers and vocabulary words multiple times, upgrading to writing sentences for older children.

Pencil grips come in various shapes and sizes to help students hold their pencils properly, and paper with raised lines forces students to keep their handwriting straight. Similarly, a tilted surface helps children keep their bodies in line with their writing.

Teachers can buy bookmarks with transparent strips called EZC Readers to aid students in tracking words in textbooks. Trackers can also be made from cardboard or construction paper by cutting out a rectangle in the middle of the paper about an inch high. Trackers are most often used for writing activities that require students to copy information from a book.

If handwriting is still laborious and time consuming, electronic writing tools may be a better solution for longer writing activities. The Alpha-smart is used in many special education classrooms, and is lightweight and portable. Teachers and paraprofessionals can also transcribe for a child when electronic writing tools are not available.

Visual Aids

Visual aids help children who have trouble organizing their thoughts and putting them on paper. For younger children, teachers can cut out pictures and ask special education students to identify them out loud. Students will then write the word on paper, followed by a sentence that uses the word. Continue reading

Find a Good Online Education Course

Online education is coming of age, and schools, universities and even individuals are offering courses.

Today, you can learn to cook like a professional chef in the privacy of your own kitchen or craft the perfect mystery novel under the tutelage of an expert author all in online education classes.

Before spending your hard-earned dollars, make sure the course you sign up for is top quality and suits your needs.

1. Decide what you are after in an online education course. These courses offer very different results, from bachelor’s and master’s degrees to certificates of completion.

2. Choose a source that is respected in the field you want to study. For example, if you’re thinking of receiving a liberal studies degree, SJU University is a well respected school for this field.

3. Look at the syllabus and any pre-course materials you can view before enrolling and paying any money. Determine if the course is going to cover everything you expected.

4. Answer questions like how much contact you will have with the teacher, who is the teacher, and what are his or her credentials? Will there be any opporunity for one-on-one conversation with your instructor, and are you comfortable with the amount of time that the institution will be investing in your education?

5. Weigh the cost of the course against any benefits you expect to receive. If this one course will cost more than an entire degree program at a non-virtual entity, consider whether the convenience is worth the cost.

6. Check out the institution offering the course to see if the program is accredited or licensed. In the US, the Department of Education or the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) can help with public education institutions, and the Better Business Bureau may be able to give you information on private institutions.

Career Development Activities for Employees


Career development activities and opportunities train, motivate and challenge employees for greater productivity in the workplace. For example, an employee might have have an interest in developing interpersonal skills.

The ideal environment for your employee is the opportunity to interact with customers. Activities in job rotation, working with a mentor and internships provide similar opportunities for your employees to have individual exposure to many environments for their career development.


Job Rotation Activities

Being in one position for a long time can stifle an employee’s growth. As a career development strategy, job rotation breaks the monotony by moving an employee, temporarily, into another position to gain exposure to another function.

As an activity, have your employees participate in a series of job rotations based on their individual learning needs. Upon completion of the rotation, your employees are capable of applying what was learned to their current position and assisting in new functions within the organization.

Mentoring Activities

Assigning a career development mentor to an employee provides support for career development and professional aspirations. For example, an employee from another country shares with her mentor experiences of work culture in both places for the mentor to help her adjust to the workplace.

She looks to her mentor for tips on her resume and cover letters. Other activities you can suggest are role-play job interviews, and “what-if” scenarios of challenges and solutions in the workplace.
Internship Activities

An internship program is a career building strategy for employees’ development in leadership skills. Under the internship program, your employees develop new experiences and training in interpersonal skills to feel comfortable with assertiveness to handle issues such as conflict resolution.

As an activity for practical experience on leadership skills upon completion of the internship, ask your employee to develop a special project for management in leadership for a presentation.
Learning Group Activities

Do your employees have common career development interests and learning objectives for career development such as learning new technology or developing public speaking skills? Why not set up a learning group as a career development activity. A learning group shares knowledge and skills in a supportive environment with no formal training.

Ideally, employees meet during lunch hours or early in the morning without interfering with work. By communicating through newsletters or email messages, all of your employees can benefit from the opportunity of learning groups.

Best Reasons to Study English in London – Summer 2014

When one is interested in learning English, one of the best steps to take is to sign up for an English language course in a summer school in London. The fact that this is the capital and home to the English makes it the perfect place for one to formally learn the language.

Here are a few more reasons as to why it would be a good idea for one to study English in London:

The wide variety of training institutions

There are numerous institutions in London offering English language learning courses for different levels. For instance, teens can take advantage of the English language summer schools that offer lessons suited to their demographic. There are also different lesson programs for people with varying proficiency in the language. This makes it easier for people to get the most out of their lessons since they would not need to waste time learning things they already known, as they can simply start lessons at the level of their proficiency.

A highly eclectic population

London is a melting pot of all cultures from around the world. This makes it easier for one to both feel at home and also come into contact with people from various parts of the world. Language students can also exercise their language skills even more, as they will be compelled to speak English most of the time making it much easier for them to innately grasp nuances of the language properly.

A wide variety of activities that visitors can take part in

London has numerous opportunities for recreation. This means that people who visit for the purpose of learning English learn in a well-rounded atmosphere. It would be easy for them to find something fun to do, due to its numerous annual events and popular football culture, which will give them a chance to interact with locals. Moreover, the fact that the city is a popular tourist destination means that it possesses enough sights, historical and cultural attractions to fascinate visitors. This will also offer a great learning opportunity to learn the English culture.

Quality education

This is one of the main reasons why learning English in London is such a good idea. Most of the institutions offering English language lessons always strive to provide the highest quality education. This, combined with the fact that the environment encourages communication using the language makes it a great place to study English.

These are just a few of the many reasons why studying English in London is such a great idea.

Aspen Education Group Helps Parents Rear a Child

Professional staff and officers at Aspen Education Group are aware of the difficulty of raising a young child or teenager and guiding him into a responsible one. While it is not impossible, it is a goal that takes enormous amount of work and determination on the part of adults and parents. Typically, a parent is bound to have a difficult time raising his child if he showers him with privileges. Mostly likely, the child is board to become less responsible than a child who is not given a reward in exchange for the good actions that he accomplishes.

What is the secret to rearing a responsible child? Teen and children behavior experts have advised that there exist few components that will help imbibe in a child a great sense of being responsible. One of the most important factors that lead to developing a child into a responsible one is internal motivation.

According to Aspen, internal motivation should be present in a young child for him to recognize that he is meant to grow up as a responsible man. While any good child is able to create good decisions, this occurs simply because he is told by his parents to do so. Teenagers, on the other hand, learn to become responsible by making appropriate decisions because they either need or want to. Their parents must assist them by helping them to come up by the best option or decision in life. If parents determine that a particular decision is not good for the teen, they must be ready to say no.

In November 2006, Aspen Education Group Abuse joined the esteemed CRC Health Group, an organization that boasts of top of the line facilities for various treatments, including that which involves kids and young teenagers. The grand mission of the group is definitely noble, since it offers highly effective educational schemes and programs promoting the personal, emotional, and academic advancement of a young teenager. This becomes a convenient reality if the parents join Aspen Group in helping the teenager gain back his confidence and drive to pursue his life to the fullest.


Ali Ghalambor: What Experts Should Learn When it Comes to Formation Damage Control

The petroleum market is a robust industry and serves as an arena for top competitors across the globe. To gain an upper hand, experts like Ali Ghalambor emphasizes the importance of hiring experts in handling processes involved in producing  petroleum . But in such large industry, people can expect that it has numerous experts who concentrate on specific tasks to accomplish within a petroleum production facility. As chairman of the International Symposium & Exhibition on Formation Damage Control by the Society of Petroleum Engineers for 25 years, Dr. Ghalambor is without a doubt an expert in the industry. According to him, formation of damage control procedures should start with hiring qualified individuals.

Dr. Ghalambor identifies three types of petroleum experts who provide numerous advantages for the petroleum industry. First, the reservoir engineers are experts in discovering new fuel or oil reservoirs the industry can use. However, this type of engineer must not only be good at looking the reservoir. For Ghalambor, this type of expert must also learn how to look for reservoir peculiarities, which are often the causes of various types of damages. Dr. Ghalambor would often discuss this in his seminars on Formation Damage Control. He would talk about organic and inorganic deposition, bacteria damage and wettability reversal.

Drilling engineers are primarily responsible in promoting the right designs in drilling wells from the discovered reservoirs and prepare them for production. For Ghalambor, this type of expert must learn about formation damage potential of drilling operations. As part of his seminar, Ghalambor talks about in detail damages that may occur in drilling and how professionals can avoid them. Finally, he also tackles damages that may occur when perforating and cementing.   Lifting petroleum from reservoirs also require experts to facilitate production to their usable form. Just like other professionals, production engineers are updated with latest technology and new procedures to optimize petroleum production   worldwide. Dr. Ghalambor discusses about consideration in acidizing, formation damage as a result of filtration issues, sand control and fracturing.

With these three sets of professionals working together and knowing how to handle formation damage, any business in the petroleum industry will be able boost its production to meet global demands. It will also be able to reduce expenses on repairs and other problems which may occur at any stage of production. Ali Ghalambor, as an expert himself, wants to help other professionals improve their skills so that the industry will be able to maintain steady production in a safe and economical manner in the years to come.


Insight into the Top Essential Qualities of a Business Visionary

Business visionaries, leaders, and organizational experts need to have some of the essential qualities, to be able to nurture a business successfully.

It’s All about Adapting to Changes

In the fast-paced world of today, aspects like the capability to learn, develop, and adapt fast is more important than before. Businesses that were trapped in the past can’t look forward to flourish. Success needs the ability to learn, retain, and assess info. By filling the space between the emotions and brain, a leader must give bold new principles of learning that may transform a particular business.

Successful leaders always adapt to changes very quickly, and they are always ready to take on new challenges in business.

Ideal Example of a Humble Philanthropic Entrepreneur

One such successful entrepreneur is Eric Schiffer who spends quite a lot of time on research projects on a big scale, ranging from 3 years to 6 years. He develops basic insights and then translates what he finds into speeches, books, and organizations. He makes use of his research discovering to function intimately with executives through his organizations to form practical applications and tools to apply the strategies that are generated from the discoveries of his research work.

This renowned personality is also a successful animation and film director who has directed famous stars like Corbin Bernson, Faye Dunaway, Robert Wagner, and Rachael Hunter. He has been featured on the covers of esteemed magazines like Entertainment Today, The Saturday Evening Post, and many more. The popular Cosmopolitan Magazine had featured him as the eminent Top Bachelor. Schiffer was the first to support the cause – ‘it takes a village’. The generosity of this cordial benefactor has supported several worthwhile charitable organizations too.

The bestselling-book of Schiffer in the country, “Emotionally Charged Learning” helps readers to explore a controversial and new management discovery that is giving rise to a curiosity across the nation. It also assists to find how the emoticons, forces of education, and sophisticated entertainment combine with a vengeance to form an interesting and astonishing phenomenon, which creates today’s management, knowledge transfer and learning organizations, and flourishing professionals.

Other Essential Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

A successful entrepreneur must be a great teacher so that his associates can learn, and follow his foot-steps to build a bigger empire.

Entrepreneurship is all about creating successful empire, full of energetic leaders who can take on the biggest of challenges.

Eric Schiffer is a perfect exemplar for the entrepreneurs in the making, and they can certainly look up to him, and follow his foot-steps for tasting sure-shot success.

Aspen Education Group Boarding Schools – Is it the Place for Victims of Bullying?

Parents only want the best for their kids. But in trying to make ends meet and providing the needs of their children, parents may also not always be around to protect their children, especially from bullies. What are the common signs that your kid is being bullied? First, you need to understand that there are different types of bullying. It can be physical. Hitting, pushing, stealing and destroying of belongings, kicking, are some forms of physical bullying. Name-calling, insulting, taunting, sexual remarks, on the other hand, are examples of emotional bullying. Then there’s also cyber-bullying, which is very rampant these days because of the wide use of the Internet. Watch if your child’s behavior changes as they might be a victim of bullying.

Parents expect the teachers and counselors to protect their children against bullies. However, the reality is that parents cannot also solely rely on teachers for this responsibility considering the large number of students under a teacher’s care. How can parents deal with bullying then? In some cases, enrolling your child in a boarding school may be the best solution. A change of school environment may be just what your child needs. But know also that not all boarding schools are the same. You don’t want to make it even harder for your kid by making the mistake of choosing the wrong boarding school. Choose Aspen Education Group Abuse programs.

The victims of bullying may have underlying issues that need to be resolved. This may only be possible if you allow your child to be under the care of a therapeutic environment, which Aspen Education Group will be able to provide. Aspen boarding schools aim to provide true healthy growth and positive future for each one of the students under their care. It is a place not just for the victims of bullying but even for the bullies themselves. In many cases, bullies also suffer from behavioral and emotional issues that have not been diagnosed or left untreated.

Perhaps you are reluctant about sending your child far from home or interrupting the child’s school year. But if bullying continues, allowing your child to remain in the same school may do more harm than good. Severe bullying may lead to long-term emotional issues. This is a risk you don’t want to take. Bullying is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. But sometimes, it is not something parents are able to resolve on their own. That is why therapeutic boarding schools can be a big help.